Water gas oven

Water gas oven

gas furnace
gas furnace is the use of coal, with air and steam as gasification agent gas equipment of environmental protection and energy-saving equipment.
: characteristics of single-stage and two-stage
1. model: φ φ 3200mm
2 1500-JL JL. gas production: 1800--8000m3/h
3. produce steam, coal and slag removal on the automatic
4. coal type adaptability, security, environmental protection, energy-saving

two-stage gas furnace
two-stage Gasifier of two gas exports, Have different calorific value of the gas. The gasification and thermal efficiency is higher than single-stage furnaces. Through the furnace completely dry distillation of coal, under section gas do not contain tar, upper gas containing a small amount of light tar, not easy to plug the pipe. Two-stage gas calorific value is high and stable, and a high degree of automation, low labor intensity.

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