Bell-type annealing furnace

Bell-type annealing furnace

Hydrogen and nitrogen and hydrogen atmosphere of strong circulation of light
    strong circulation of Hood-type annealing furnace bright for Hood-type annealing furnace is a plate, strip, wire in hydrogen or nitrogen and hydrogen atmosphere, strong reduction effect of hydrogen annealing equipment.
heating: electricity, natural gas, furnace hot and cold gas, mixed gas, blast furnace gas,
liquefied petroleum gas, light fuel oil and diesel.
loading method: single duo, words, volume
Hood:  1:2 or 1:3
charging charge diameter: 1200-4300
φ loading height: 1.8 – 5.8 m
1. Precise control of gas and combustion air ratio, adjust the exhaust, so efficiency is increased to the maximum, so that energy consumption to a minimum.
2. Inner cover with lateral pressure wave forms, improve the conduction of heat, anneal cycle is shortened. Also, extending the life of inner cover.
  3. Heat shield insulating ceramic fiber modules, module in the preload State and lining masonry after the expansion of the module makes seamless lining and can compensate fiber liner shrinkage in order to improve the insulation properties of fiber lining, good overall performance and reduce heat loss.
 4. Strong dual speed heat flow circulation fan wind turbine or inverter heat flow, stable operation at high temperature, heat up fast, even temperature.
 5. Control and display the whole annealing process.


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