Car-type annealing furnace

Car-type annealing furnace

Taiwan car type back stove
  heating way: electric, and gas, and occurred furnace gas, and mixed gas, and oil
  loaded furnace volume: 15-130 tons/single Taiwan car
  applies steel: General carbon steel, and alloy steel
  uses: steel with annealing; casting are fire; metal parts of are fire, and tempered, and quenching; stainless steel pieces of solid dissolved processing and type core drying,
  structure features:
1. Single/double trolleys, automatic lift door and towing trolley
2. Prefabricated modular masonry wall and roof
3 fiber. Automatic ignition of combustion system with automatic temperature control, process monitoring and display process
4. Access protection gas, production of light oxidation products of
5. Reasonable control of combustion, lower exhaust temperature, thermal efficiency high stove
1. High temperature series (temperature 0~1200℃)
2 Bogie Hearth heating furnace. Temperature range (temperature 0~950℃) car-normalizing, quenching and annealing furnace
low temperature series (temperature 0~750℃) car-type annealing furnace BACK
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