Steel rolling heating furnace

Steel rolling heating furnace

combustion of reheating furnace: regenerative, traditional heat exchanger type
heating: gas, producer gas, heavy oil, coke oven gas, mixed gas heating furnace for
capacity: 15-150t/h

characteristics of regenerative heating furnace:

efficient regenerative heating furnace regenerative combustion system consists of a regenerative burners and directional systems. Its principle is the use of regenerator of the regenerative air and blast furnace gas, air and preheated to 1000 ℃ above the combustion gas temperature, flue gas temperature to 150 c emissions, so that energy consumption is greatly reduced.
    regenerative ceramic balls or honeycomb regenerator and its large surface area, which greatly improves the heat transfer system, greatly reduce the volume of the regenerator.
    regenerator are divided into internal and external structures.
reversing two reversing system is composed of centralized and decentralized forms.

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