Industrial furnace manufacturers how to deal with the global economic crisis

1. the evolution of the global financial crisis has reached the full diffusion to the real economy, the global recession and Depression era is coming.

2. the global financial crisis is the biggest, the destruction of the most profound crisis, most long, their long-term negative effects on the world economy than at any time in history.

3. Due to 1:30 the credit leverage in the financial systems of developed countries, therefore the crisis of "deleveraging" process will be quite long and quite complex and rather painful.

4. the United States Government's bailout policy is a loss. After after the massive capital investment, rescued companies such as AIG, Fannie Mae's condition continues to deteriorate, only losing 25 billion and 29 billion dollars respectively in the third quarter of this year. Financial companies like a supermassive black hole, devouring the vast wealth of society as a whole. In the case of rescue policies not been effective, United States adjusts the financial bailout being rushed in the direction of, the Government stopped buying banks ' toxic assets to help the real economy, which is in the midst of troubled banks and financial institutions will no doubt have a significant impact, there will be more bank failures or closure. While Governments spend large sums of money to rescue, but still is a drop in the bucket for the world economic crisis, is likely to have in the end up to the market to solve the crisis, therefore, at this stage, prospects for solving the crisis remain extremely slim.

5. from the financial crisis, the process of transformation is a comprehensive and global economic crisis, the first stage is the national crisis of excessive consumption, the second phase is the national crisis of overproduction, the third stage is too resource-supply crisis in the country, consumption-production-supply chain of causality full fracture will occur. For 10 years the economic globalization process has formed a community of destiny the world economy as a whole, is hard to any country in the global economic crisis only good

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