Characteristics of gas vacuum furnaces

(1) and electric vacuum furnace can be annealed, quenched and tempered heat treatment.

(2) as a result of radiant tube burner compared with electric, fuel costs can be determined by 2/3.

(3) the CO2 emission reduction compared with electric-40%.

(4) the regenerative radiant tube burner improved radiation and radiation resulting in large pipe flange to flange cooling vacuum seal.

gas furnace vacuum model structure as shown in Figure 6 [7].

gas furnace vacuum model specifications are as follows:

furnace temperature 1050 c

vacuum reached 0.7Pa (absolute pressure)

in furnace size 600mm ' 600mm ' 900mm

maximum amount of processing engineering 400kg/furnace

furnace constructed water cooled dual wall construction

fixtures Pirani vacuum gauge, oil Rotary pump, mechanical booster pump

product cooling N2 wash pressure: 140kPa

regenerative radiant tube burner burner 101.6mm 41kW/2

radiant tube 101.6mm w x 2 sets

    gas type vacuum furnace is Europe national in 8 0 years generation late in oil crisis impact Xia and high temperature air burning technology (HTACT) promoted Xia development development of a efficient (efficiency can up 80%), and quality, and energy-saving (60% above) section material and environmental (NOx, and CO2 and noise greatly reduced) type of new heat treatment equipment, due to technology Shang of advanced and energy-saving section material of huge potential its technology economic significantly, While the technology has excellent environmental characteristics, in line with the green heat treatment and sustainable development strategy, which has broad prospects for development.

    "ten five" period developing natural gas, our natural gas energy will be increased from 23.8 billion m3 in 1999 to 64.5 billion m3. With the implementation of Western development and the West-East gas pipeline project in Shanghai after 2003 using natural gas will be able to achieve. Using clean, high heating value of natural gas and the research and development of high temperature air combustion technology of heat treatment equipment and technology, is an urgent study of heat treatment technology workers nationwide development and application topics. Gas research, development and application of vacuum furnace technology fact sheets, only part of this research and development project. It was gradually recognized, research and development of high greenhouse gas combustion technology of gas-gas heat treatment technology and equipment is necessary, great potential for energy saving, environmental protection and economic efficiency, have very broad space for development.

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