Industrial boiler energy-saving status and development trends

  energy saving for industrial furnace from outside the equipment and technical potential, considering the energy management staff. Organization, production and operation 3 aspects, energy management. Efficient organization of production, equipment maintenance, ability to play equipment, turning on the furnace running efficiently. Improve the level of operation, enhancing planning and scheduling, and energy use during the run, run, drip, leak checks and deal with energy waste, effective way to eliminate all physical loss.

the development trend of energy-saving for industrial furnace
    (1) adjusting the composition of fuel. Although coal remains China's main energy source, but its severe pollution and bad implementation of high temperature air combustion technology. So oil and gas instead of coal and other solid fuel, is the strategic direction of the development of energy-saving for industrial furnace.
    (2) further development, advanced combustion technologies. Great improvement and promotion of high-temperature air combustion technology in industrial boiler energy-saving development direction in the future. Ensure high temperature flame, ball screw efficiency on the basis of improving the technology of furnace temperature, make uniform furnace temperature distribution technology and N0x control technology, is the core of oxygen-enriched combustion technology, but also the future direction of development. C02 emission reductions and sequestration will become an important research topic, waste heat recovery and full use of low calorific value fuel focus is the development of energy saving for industrial furnace.
    (3) building will be integrated and light direction. With the development of unshaped refractory materials, filling and light structures will be more extensive development. With new type refractory materials, with high temperature ceramic and ceramic fibres refractory bricks, stove heating, heat loss.
    (4) both energy-saving and environmental protection. In energy-saving at the same time, pollution control should be carried out, efforts to reduce or eliminate the emission of harmful gases and dust. Energy conservation is one of the largest environmental protection measures for China.
    (5) to improve industrial furnaces "green." By apoptosis in the entire industrial structure, improve energy structure using air filters in the world's most advanced scientific method of pollution control, pollution from the source: to develop new technologies, new equipment for the Chinese industrial furnace, waste heat recovery and strengthen the recycling of resources to strengthen legislation and law enforcement; sound environmental protection organizations, and improve the environmental awareness of the general public, and other ways to improve "green".
3  end
       tensions and shortages of energy in China is a foregone conclusion, seriously affecting economic development. Energy-saving is the core of China's energy strategy and policy, solve the problems of energy and resources, the most fundamental thing is to rely on progress of science and technology. Energy saving for industrial furnace, should focus on technology innovation, seeking, exploring new approaches to energy saving and to get away from traditional energy-saving methods of old, high scientific and technological content, good economic returns, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution and sustainable development.

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