Electric industrial furnaces

industrial furnaces for the unit of time calculating stove heating capacity per unit bottom area is known as furnace and production efficiency. Warming faster, load the stove the stove, stove production rates higher. In the General case, furnace productivity, the higher the heating unit heat consumption per kg of material is also lower. Therefore, in order to reduce energy consumption, should be producing at full capacity, progress as far as possible the furnace productivity, while fuel combustion device and automatic adjustment of combustion air, air in order to prevent excess or shortage. In addition, to reduce the furnace wall components of heat loss and water storage heat loss, various form of radiation heat loss, furnace flue heat losses.

heating of metal or materials absorb heat and into the furnace heat ratio, called the heat efficiency. Continuous type furnace than interrupted type furnace of efficiency high, due to continuous type furnace of produced rate high, and is not interrupted work of, stove hot rail business in not mess State, no periodic of furnace wall storage hot loss, also because furnace internal has a Preheat charge of section, flue gas sector heat for into furnace of cold artifacts by absorption, reduced has away from furnace flue gas of temperature.

basic measures of progress in heat efficiency is: full improved combustion efficiency, enhanced heat transfer of the parts; continuous production and working at full capacity as much as possible; setting preheater, to preheat air and gas, to recover waste heat from flue gas using low specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity of refractories, to reduce the loss of heat furnace wall storage.

to makes temperature constant and achieved delineation of warming speed, except required according to process requirements, and Preheat device and furnace with mechanical type type, and fuel and burning device category, and industry furnace row smoke way, determine excellent of furnace structure outside, also need on fuel and combustion air of flow and pressure, or on electric power, can control variable through various control unit for mutual regulation, to achieved temperature, and furnace atmosphere or furnace pressure of control.

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