Industrial furnaces and equipment development

necessity of the pulse combustion of industrial furnace industry

high-grade industrial products requires high uniformity of the temperature field in the furnace, high requirement for combustion atmosphere of chaos control, using traditional continuous combustion control cannot be achieved. Wide cross section and large-capacity industrial furnaces up, must use pulse combustion control technology to control temperature uniformity.

the pulse burning control of hand

pulse combustion control is a way to interrupt burning, using pulse width modulation technique by adjusting the combustion time of the duty cycle (pass) for temperature control of the furnace. Fuel flow through the pre-set pressure adjustment, once the burner work at full load condition, ensure the burner combustion gas exit velocity is not changing. When heating is required, burner combustion for longer hours, break time; when cooling is required, burner combustion time, interrupted for longer hours. Key strength of the pulse combustion control to high heat transfer efficiency, greatly reducing energy consumption. Progress of average of the temperature field in the furnace. Without tuning, enabling precise control of the combustion air. To progress the burner load regulation is greater than. System is simple and reliable, low cost. Born to reduce NOx. General burn mouth of regulation than General for 1:4 around, dang burn mouth in full load work Shi, gas velocity, and flame shape, and efficiency are can reached best State, but Dang burn mouth flow close its minimum flow Shi, hot load minimum, gas velocity greatly reduced, flame shape up not to requirements, efficiency sharply declined, high-speed burn mouth work in full load flow 50% following Shi, above the index from design requirements on has has larger of gap.

pulse combustion is not, in any case, the burner there are only two State, one is working at full capacity, and the other is not working, just by adjusting time adjust the temperature of the two States, so using pulse combustion can compensate for burner regulation low defect, when temperature control is needed to keep the burner working in optimum status. In using high-speed burn mouth Shi, gas spray out speed fast, makes near formed negative pressure, will large kiln within flue gas sucking mainly gas within, for full mixing mixed, extended has flue gas in kiln within of delay flow time, increased has flue gas and products of contact time, to progress has on spread efficiency, addition, kiln within flue gas and gas full mixing mixed, makes gas temperature and kiln within flue gas temperature close, progress kiln within temperature field of average sex, reduced high temperature gas on was heating body of directly hot impact.

the pulse burning control technology in industry kiln and application of

universal pulse combustion control technology in industrial furnace industry, high-speed burner and industrial furnace control system consists of two departments, pulse combustion technology to complete the industrial heating, temperature control of the furnace. Gas furnace temperature field and temperature fluctuation ± 2 ° c, for fuel (diesel) internal furnace temperature field and temperature fluctuation ± 3 ° c, in the use of heavy diesel-fueled kilns with good results. General burning device Dang kiln furnace internal temperature below fuel spontaneous combustion temperature Shi, burning device fuel interrupted Hou flame immediately out, cannot inherited burning, on furnace within temperature not produced effect, solution has flameout this a topics, and used today most improve predecessors of atomization technology--bubble atomization technology, makes burning device of atomization effect better, and atomization media using volume more less, original burn light diesel of kiln furnace now can burn heavy diesel.

in actual application process in the, used General of pulse wide modulation of method regulation burning accounted for empty than Shi, dang accounted for empty than close 0% or 100% Shi, interrupted or burning of time too short, site of run effect not ideal, so we people has minimum time this a concept, will interrupted and burning of minimum time set for 3 seconds, dang accounted for empty than close 0% or 100% Shi, extended corresponding of burning and interrupted time can solution this a topics. Pulsed combustion, as a new technology has broad application prospects, can be widely used in the ceramics, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries, to improve product quality, reduce fuel consumption and reducing pollution will play a major role, is an innovation of industrial furnace industry automatic control, will be the future direction of industry furnace combustion technology development.

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