Industrial application of classification

in forging workshop, has melting metal of cupola furnace, and induction furnace, and resistance furnace, and arc furnace, and vacuum furnace, and open hearth, and Crucible Furnace,; has baking sand type of sand type dry furnace, and Ferroalloy baking furnace and casting back stove,; in forging workshop, has on ingot or billet for forged Qian heating of various heating furnace, and forged Hou elimination stress of heat treatment furnace; in metal heat treatment workshop, has improved artifacts mechanical function of various annealing, and are fire, and quenching and tempered of heat treatment furnace; in welding workshop, has welding pieces of welding Qian Preheat furnace and welding Hou back stove ; In sintered metal powder metallurgy workshop heater, etc.

other industries, such as metallurgical industry of metal melting furnace and ore sintering furnace and coking furnace; cracking and distillation furnace furnace oil industry gas industry furnace; Portland cement kiln and melted glass, glass furnace; baking oven of the food industry and so on.

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