Industrial boiler two breakthrough directions which still

Recently, the Guangdong Zhongshan, qixia County, Shandong province has issued a timetable, the energy-guzzling coal-fired boilers were removed, closed or transformation. Earlier, the agreement relating to the implementation of the Department of environmental protection issued notice of the air pollutant emission limits also showed China's environmental governance since the end to source control. Industrial boiler of China electrical equipment industry Association Branch said, industrial boiler in energy saving and emission reduction, two have a great deal of space.
efficiency energy saving potential
investment advisor in environmental industry-researcher Hou Yuxuan said, our wide range of large quantity of industrial boiler, average capacity is small and dominated by coal-fired, although the efficiency of coal-fired industrial boilers in China compared with foreign countries by much, but the actual operating efficiency of only about 70 per cent, 10 per cent lower than the international advanced level. A coal-fired boiler via condensate recovery, enhancing the air temperature in the furnace and install technology such as coal combustion, achieve maximum energy saving and emission reduction effect, save production costs is about more than 2 million Yuan a year.
coal-fired industrial boiler operation efficiency of the reasons are more complicated. To sum up, there are a few main areas: one is designed and manufactured reasons, pay more attention to in the design of pressure parts for parts, and attaches to the burner pressure parts for parts than parts. Second, pot use reasons, boiler user selected when selection of boiler capacity and actual volumes do not match. Third design of the boilers burning coal and coal, and coal-fired calorific value, volatile or particles of coal quality indicators such as boiler design coal requirements are not met. Four is the industrial boiler energy-saving system of supervision and other related regulations are not perfect, technical standard is lagging behind.
data show that industrial boilers is China's second largest coal users, over 700 million tons of coal a year, is one of the most energy-intensive devices. Meanwhile, due to the boiler efficiency is not high, very serious waste of energy, consumes about 60 million tons of coal a year, energy-saving potential. In addition, industrial boilers emit large amounts of soot and pollutants such as SO2 and NOX, becoming one of China's main coal-smoke pollution of the atmosphere. Therefore, industrial boilers, especially energy-saving coal-fired industrial boilers, are important for China's energy saving and emission reduction goals.
it is understood that, as early as 2004, published by the national development and Reform Commission on energy saving in the medium and long term planning of coal-fired industry boiler furnace reconstruction has been listed as "Eleven-Five" head of the ten major energy conservation projects, and established a demonstration program. Published by the Ministry of industry and energy saving "Twelve-Five" in the planning, also industrial boiler furnace energy-saving projects are listed in the first of nine key energy-saving projects.
the use of clean coal technologies into mainstream
industrial energy saving reform of boiler two sides with: one is to carry out technical transformation. Future will eliminate some of the low efficiency of old coal-fired boiler and serious environmental pollution, according to local conditions to existing coal-fired boiler technology. In resource-rich areas such as natural gas for coal to gas and gas resource-poor areas, using measures such as solar collectors instead of small coal-fired boilers. Secondly, using clean combustion technology. Clean coal instead of raw coal is used to improve coal quality.
home in terms of energy saving of industrial boilers many mature technologies. Advanced coal-fired pulverized coal combustion technology, with burning speed, burn rate, and low heat loss, can be widely used in industrial boilers. Pulverized coal particle size, suspended in the air burn compared with the layer burning, combustion air ratio low, burn rate, heat loss of smoke emissions; coal industrial boiler using airtight powder, air and dust technology, good thermal insulation properties and greatly reduces the heat loss due to hot air and flue gas leakage, helps to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
CIC consultant Research Director Guo Fanli said, and traditional coal-fired boiler compared, new energy-saving environmental type coal powder industrial boiler of energy-saving rate reached 30 above, emissions of dust, and sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide, pollutants concentration are below national standards, and operation simple, boiler run, and lost coal, and burning, and desulfurization dust, and out slag, achieved has full automation control, coal and slag not landing, and also not need stacked site.
it is understood that the industrial boiler future oil and gas fired boilers, biomass fuel in coal-water slurry fired boiler, boilers and other directions. However, a long time in the future, coal-fired industrial boilers will continue to be our leading product, along with the changes in the energy supply structure and increasingly strict energy saving and environmental protection, introduction of clean fuels and clean combustion technology of high efficiency, energy-saving, low pollution industrial boilers will be product development trends. Still need to develop domestic industrial boiler high efficiency combustion and flue gas dedusting and desulfurizing integrated technology and development of power coal quality technology and large coal washing technology, improve the quality of power coal, the whole process of boiler combustion and pollution problems.

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