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Zhejiang Mingyuan industrial furnace co is large-scale industrial furnace plant in China, has more than 50 industrial furnace manufacturing experience, professional electric furnace plant design center, supporting advanced industrial furnace manufacture professional equipment, with a strong manufacturing capabilities, large industrial furnaces in the annual production capacity of nearly. Zhejiang Mingyuan industrial furnace has a number of patents for furnace and continuous research and development update, and kept synchronized with the latest international furnace technology, is the furnace manufacturing industry leader, became an important base of China's export industries in electric furnace. Main products of industrial furnaces, industrial furnaces, industrial furnace, gas furnace, furnace parts, furnace casting, furnace, furnace, gas furnace.

Zhejiang Mingyuan industrial technology research and development capacity

Mingyuan industrial furnace co, Zhejiang has more than 50 years of manufacturing experience, not only with professional electric furnace Design Center, also supporting specialized laboratories, industrial furnace temperature control accuracy, temperature uniformity, nine points temperature measuring, heating element insulation fiber material inspection, testing and other specialized testing equipment.

heat treatment research and Development Center including doctoral, master and heat treatment professionals as more than 20 people, employing heat treatment industry distinguished University professors as consultants, Hankou electric company realized to the full range of sustainable development of industrial furnace, the electric industry specifications for a wide range of varieties, quality and technology to reach the domestic advanced level, most species the furnace and international electric furnace technologies simultaneously.

I factory and Europe, more than 10 more than famous furnace factory often visits, and carried out Exchange, annual times to abroad advanced furnace factory and Research Center, learning and absorption abroad advanced of industrial furnace manufacturing technology and production process control, and furnace dedicated parts improved technology, and furnace replacement technology, makes I factory of industrial furnace regardless of in furnace species update, and based material progress, and parts manufacturing technology, and manufacturing process automation, and lining energy-saving technology, and ceramic fiber insulation process, and precision heat treatment process, and Curves of temperature control of heat treatment process and other aspects can be synchronized with the international advanced technology of industrial furnace manufacturing. Meanwhile, various industries in electric furnace were exported to Europe, America, Japan and other advanced industrial countries and the Asian region, and enjoys a high reputation in the international arena.

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